First Round: Craig Blows Away Yale and Nebraska in Jeopardy College Championship

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Craig Boge ’07, far left, and supporters (mostly fellow Grove residents) were captivated by the game, watching in the Grove Lasuen lounge.
The results of Craig Boge’s first round of the Jeopardy College Championship are in: he kicked ass. The final tally was $18,800 for Craig, our Stanford representative, $6,500 for Brady from Yale, and $13,500 for Haley from Nebraska. Before the Final Jeopardy question, which Craig answered incorrectly, the tally was even more dramatic: $19,400 for Craig, $9,000 for Brady, and $8,000 for Haley.
The Final Jeopardy clue was, “He’s the character mentioned in the first line of Atlas Shrugged.” Craig answered, “Who is Atlas?” The correct answer, which only Haley got right, was “Who is John Galt?”
Despite losing money on the last question, Craig dominated much of the game, answering (correctly) many questions in a row. After the filming of the round, Craig says that Alex Trebek turned to him and said, “You took no prisoners.”
For winning this game, Craig is guaranteed at least $10,000. Tune in next Wednesday, May 9th at 7PM on ABC for his second game!

Right answer!
Craig was nervous about watching himself on national television, but looked like he enjoyed reliving the experience.


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  1. Rahul Thathoo says:

    All the best for the semis Craig. The best part was – “Who is Atlas!” – pretty innovative :)


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