Attorney General Gonzales Receives Rebuke from his Harvard Law School Class of ’82

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Gosh, two entries about Harvard in one day. This one’s big, though, too.
Yesterday, the Washington Post ran an ad from 56 members of the 1982 Harvard Law School class, of which Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was a member, chastising him for his “failure to stand for the rule of law” by “sweeping aside the Geneva Conventions in order to justify torture,” “reading Habeas Corpus out of our Constitutional protections,” “claiming inherent power to wiretap American citizens without warrants,” and for dismissing “the troubling firings of numerous U.S. Attorneys, and their replacement with others more ‘loyal’ to the President’s policies, as merely ‘an overblown personnel matter.'” This follows a recent class reunion, which was disrupted by student protesters dressed much like ours a few days ago.
The letter also comes during a series of hearings by the Senate Judiciary Committee on the US attorney dismissals. In addition, Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty announced yesterday that he would resign.
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One Response to “Attorney General Gonzales Receives Rebuke from his Harvard Law School Class of ’82”

  1. Adam H says:

    dangerous path is an understatement. This President has to be the absolute worst to serve office. He is a dictator and above the law. Free or Freedom is what he preaches but he taken an abundance of our freedoms away.


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