Interview with Craig Boge ’07, Trivia Extraordinaire

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After his victory in the first round of the Jeopardy College Championship against students from Yale and Nebraska, Craig took some time to respond to a few interview questions via e-mail:
Blog for Stanford: What was it like to watch yourself on national television? Did anything in particular stick out to you?
Craig Boge: It’s so weird, because you know what’s going to happen and in some cases where you know you said something stupid or mixed things up (like the Picture of Dorian Gray question) and you just wait for the groans from everyone else.
BFS: How did your friends and family react to your victory in the first round?
CB: My family kidded me a little about my response on the computer model picture (It was an IBM, I said Apple), but mostly they were very proud. Branden [Grove dormmate], who made the trip down, also said congrats and seemed proud, but they herded us off to the back room to get our stuff so we didn’t chat long.
Everyone at Grove erupted once Double Jeopardy! ended, since I had clinched the game. That was weird, because it’s not something people can do in the audience for a specific person. Hearing the roar was just awesome.

BFS: I hear Jeopardy pays you for each game you win. How much have you
racked up so far in the championship? Thinking of donating to any
CB: I can’t tell you how much I earned, because that would reveal the results. They don’t pay like normal Jeopardy, where the winner earns whatever their amount was, but instead go by levels. A loss in the quarters nets you $5K, a loss in the semis gets you $10K. If you finish 3rd overall, $25K; 2nd gets $50K and the winner gets $100K and a berth in next season’s Tournament of Champions.
Any money I earn will likely go towards grad school or med school, wherever I end up. I want to make sure I can afford whatever level of education I need to be successful and have an impact.
BFS: A lot of people want to know: What was Alex Trebek like?
CB: We only talked to Alex during the promotionals day; taking pictures, filming the quick commercial spots, etc. We didn’t each get time to have a conversation with him, but we could all watch him interact with us. He is a little strange at times, but overall there wasn’t anything bad to say about him.
BFS: Your lips are sealed as to your ultimate fate in the championship,
despite everyone in Grove’s best attempts to pry something out of you.
But is there anything we might want to look out for in the next episode?
CB: You know, I think it’s gonna be easier for my lips to remain sealed than to try to give any hints. I have a feeling things will easily become a slippery slope.


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  1. williamgeorge says:

    The Final Jeopardy clue was, “He’s the character mentioned in the first line of Atlas Shrugged.” Craig answered, “Who is Atlas?” The correct answer, which only Haley got right, was “Who is John Galt?”
    Trivia Game Challenge


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