John McCain is a Douchebag

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mccain0508.jpgFollowing up on the Daily’s criticism of John McCain today, I thought I would add my own two cents, and put it a little more bluntly: he’s a douchebag. Or perhaps “sell-out” is a better word. Even Jon Stewart, who once genuinely admired the Senator, seems to have lost faith. Frankly, it’s easier to be a sell-out when no one believed in you to begin with, but when you trumpet your credentials as a “maverick,” and then cozy up to agents of intolerance, people start calling you things like, well, douchebag. Strolling through an Iraqi market with 100 bodyguards to show people how “safe” Iraq has become doesn’t help, either.
For some reason, I was able to get over these and other douchebaggy things that McCain has done since deciding that he no longer has any integrity. But his professed ignorance at a recent town hall as to whether or not condoms help stop the spread of HIV really got me angry. How can a man who claims to be an internationalist (and marches to Stanford to promote himself as one) not know whether condoms can help stop the transmission of HIV? How can he not know whether condoms should be a crucial part of the fight against AIDS in Africa?
Of course, the truth is, he does know, and he’s being completely disingenuous. Now that he has decided to chuck his integrity out the window and court Christian fundamentalists, he has to pretend he’s ignorant.
Because they certainly are. And if you’re going to court voters, you’ve got to tell them what they want to hear, and leave them in the dark about the truth. In the 2000 election, I thought McCain showed real integrity. In 2008, McCain is just showing us how to get elected.


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  1. rabow says:

    Have you seen the highlights from last night’s GOP debate?
    They get sadder and sadder. The worst thing is that McCain and Giuliani are the best looking out of the group because the rest of them are all insane. You at least get a better sense of who the candidates try to court and suddenly how McCain is flip-flopping begins to make a lot of sense.

  2. Gilbert says:

    To be fair to McCain, he was always a pretty staunch conservative with a slight shift to the left to run in ’00. But his voting record over the years shows where his commitments have been and it really wasn’t with the McCain of 2000 and the legend that followed.
    Actions speak louder than words, which is why I am deeply distrustful of John Edwards and Barack Obama. Words are cheap and easy. Real votes and actions are not.

  3. Josh says:

    Are you kidding Gilbert? You are distrustful of John Edwards and Barack Obama because THEIR actions don’t match their words?
    I would be willing to bet millions of dollars that within 3 months of John McCain’s presidency, if he gets elected, his approval rating would fall 10%+ (30,000,000 people). It would do so, just like with Bush, because he is all talk and the second he has won it’s back to the old ways.

  4. D-Teeth says:

    John McCain is a douchebag on so many levels that I can’t count them all. He brings Sarah (abstinence only works outside of my home) Palin on to the republican ticket as a political ploy. Forget the fact that there is a damn good chance that this idiot could become president. She lied about the “bridge to nowhere” and no one is allowed to question any of her ridiculous religious beliefs because SHE IS A WOMAN – She believes that the world is 5000 years old for Christ sake. Fox News paints her to be a saint. McCain’s ads are talking about Obama as if he’s going to raise taxes (well, someone has to pay for the Bush administrations ungodly spending). People are fucking retarded as palin’s baby if they vote for these ass monkeys.

  5. Solid Gold says:

    John McCain is a shovenistic douche bag. My grandpa and just about every other old person i know is going to vote for him. That kinda sucks because all these old people are just gonna die off pretty soon anyway as is John McCain which leaves us with…
    …Sarah Palin! The very definition of the word TOOL. We’re laughing AT you bitch, not WITH you. That’ll do pig, that’ll do.
    Whether you like it or not folks, the general climate of American culture IS changing, and these types of people ARE becoming obsolete. Why do you think that all the people that will vote McCain are old people, wife beating alcoholics who used to be in or forced their kid into the military (via years of macho bravado bullshit put-downs) or retards who actually believe the earth is 5,000 years old. -1 Team Belligerent Retarded Senior Citizens
    so sad…i’m almost going to feel embarrassed for them when they lose in November…key word – almost. And to all of those who wish to argue my point until they are blue in the face, i’ve got two words: YOU’LL SEE

  6. KingWithThe Axe says:

    Come on now guys I REALLY think your being too EASY on these SUPER Douche – bags that are McCain and Palin , and by the way that child SHE just had really belongs to her slutty daughter who missed 7 months of school with streph throat and Sarah Palin misses 3 days from work to ” have ” a baby and NEVER looked pregnant !!! These hypocrates should be hunted from a helicopter and killed like an Alaskian Moose !

  7. Winston says:

    “all the people that will vote McCain are old people, wife beating alcoholics who used to be or have a kid in the military or retards who actually believe the earth is 5,000 years old. -1 Team Belligerent Retarded Senior Citizens”
    Solid Gold- you’re just a frickin ass wipe! i’m 18, don’t beat people, obviously no kids cuz unlike palin’s daughter im a good kid and the earth is millions of years old and I AM VOTING FOR JOHN MCCAIN! you can’t just stereotype people and just assume you know who they are voting for.
    Obama is just a socialist who wants to punish people for working hard and give their money to the people who sit around all day doing nothing. How is that going to help our economy?
    ya the whole “maverick” thing is annoying and McCain’s really old, but come on, his mom is like 98 and she she’s still kickin, so McCain might last a while.
    Vote for whoever, but really take a minute to get past the big words Obama uses and see his meaningless message.

  8. Harry says:


  9. rick says:

    big words?
    what the fukk r u talking about? what specific policy of obama’s has anything to do with socialism? You’re just another brainwashed (or Brain dead) Lemming following your crowd of zomby like morons over the cliff – thankfully it appears that you will not succeed in dragging the rest of this country with you this time.
    let’s compare the last democratic pres. to any of the last 4 republicans. Clinton was also called a socialist and received all of the same Vile crap, deceiptful criticisms, etc. that Obama has.
    Clinton cleaned up Bush 1’s huge mess of defecits, and left the current disaster of a republican president with a 500B yearly surplus, – we were paying our debt down. Republicans destroyed that in short order, and now we are in deeeeeep shht again, only deeper, again, under republican control.
    The Repubs aggressive deregulation (which mccain vigorously pushed and supported) has now finally caused at least in part, the collapse of stock and realestate markets world wide, and quite possibly another great depression. Mccain, like all of the republicans make the same promises, to be “different” than the last republican. but they never change. Now why in the hell would you or anyone else vote for more of the same old republican garbage and destructive policies? – well I think the answer may reflect on you fella.
    Again: regarding Mccain:

  10. prisilla says:

    both mccain and obama suck. and our government sucks. no one knows how to do anything and got us into this big financial crisis where the people, the people that supposedly the gov is of, by, for, has to pay for the disaster the gov caused.
    neither obama nor mccain know what they’re talking about and neither one of them have good policies. They’re both bad candidates and i don’t know how it came down to those 2.
    and here’s a joke to tell at parties:
    How do you know when a politician is lying?
    -Their mouth is moving!
    haha aint it the truth?

  11. Joey says:

    Great post! McCain certainly has dome some douchbag-like things over the years. And of course he hasn’t been honest and wholesome during the campaign this year either. We’re having a lot of fun following everything at our Obama blog.
    Great to see Stanford’s backing the better candidate 😉


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