Accident Last Night on My Way Home from the Library

Posted by at 9:51AM

Last night around 10pm, on my way home from the library I encountered two firetrucks, a horde of firemen, and a public safety officer blocking the end of escondido (yes my camera isn’t good at night pictures).
When I asked the public safety officer checking under cars what was going on he said that a car had been damaged.
When I first saw this scene, I worried that a car had finally hit one of the bicylists who take life and limb in hand by biking in the dark san lights, helmet, reflective clothing, and who in disregard of the laws of physics do things like bike down the middle of the road or run stop signs (hint: the car is heavier than the bike). I can’t tell you the number of times at night I’ve caught the glint of the wheel reflector of a bike and hit the brakes to see a fast moving dark blur jut in front of me through a crossing. It’s just a matter of time until we see a death.
Thankfully this wasn’t it.



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