Let’s make this blog interesting

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I love the idea of a Stanford blog. The students here have such a diversity of opinions, and exciting thoughts and issues are constantly circulating through our community. I truly believe that the rise of the ‘blog’ has been one of the most exciting things to happen to internet, and that it can be the perfect medium for facilitating this discussion. However, I’m also dismayed that this blog has been more of an alternative Stanford Daily, with many of the posts just rehashing yesterday’s news. I call upon all of my fellow bloggers to write about the things that make them feel uncomfortable. Upload posts that incite discussion, and get all of us thinking. Bring out the issues that lie just beneath the surface of everyday life that we are too timid to talk about. The last thing I want is for this blog to be a nice news forum, where people write about benign and, frankly, boring topics. Let’s make the Stanford Blog something special. Let’s make it something that people are excited to check out.


7 Responses to “Let’s make this blog interesting”

  1. John says:

    So you’re bored with the content and want people to post things they’re uncomfortable about?
    Here’s an idea: instead of griping, why don’t you take some initiative and get the ball rolling?

  2. Galen says:

    well said, thanks for your sentiment. i would like to think that this would be a place where people could write about things we’re normally too timid to write about. i don’t think this should just be about the benign things happening on campus, although i do relish much of the entries you would probably consider benign, like the ‘catakilla’ rap video, for example.
    however, i disagree that it’s all been benign. genderfuk is not benign. many of the news pieces (some of which weren’t covered by the daily) are not about benign issues. i could go on.
    but like john, i would love to see some of your leadership on this… this is exactly the medium where, if you don’t see what you’d like to see covered, you can pull out the keyboard and cover it yourself. and then see what happens.

  3. L says:

    Another idea would be to experiment a bit more with the literary form of modern (post-)blogging.
    For a few thoughts on the (not) new bloggersphere, see http://lwu.vox.com/library/post/vox-not-so-much.html
    An alternative would be to implement Stanford WebAuth sign in, which would enable folks in the community to post in an accountable and yet open way.

  4. evilbunnytoo says:

    I was pretty uncomfortable with/peeved at the behavior that led to my first blog “A free drink in exchange for signature on a special fees petition?”
    Does that count?
    People don’t seem to care about the issue, but still….

  5. writing blogs says:

    I can’t wait to see the turnout of this i do hope people will write better blogs and do make it interesting. You have a great point and i hope people will follow what you have to say.

  6. Friend says:

    Idea is good, however – would blog be for bloggers only? Hope that not only.. The key is interesting topics, i think.

  7. Mobile Phones Ireland says:

    It’s a good point your making, I really hope people follow what your saying


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