Oh Joy! Being on the Stanford Network

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Maybe I’m the only one who finds this cool, but perhaps you didn’t know that when you’re on the Stanford network, you needn’t type in the suffix “.stanford.edu” for web addresses. To visit us here at The Unofficial Stanford Blog, for example, you just need to type in blog. This got me thinking about the various websites we visit all the time. So I figured I’d make a list of them, including one or two you might not know about, and a few that are just darn useful:
axess: Grades, adding and dropping courses, P.O. Box renewal– it’s all here.
StanfordYou:Once you log-in here, you can set up things like forwarding your email via “autoresponder,” create an email alias and other stuff. Useful site.
stanfordwho: Directory. You can even do a reverse look-up by email address so you can go and facebook stalk that person who always spams the dorm list. Logging-in gives you access to tons of info, such as home addresses and alternate aliases.
draw: Not needed this year anymore, but this is the ASSU Draw guide with a page for each residence on campus with photos of common spaces and student rooms, the cut-off number from the previous year, approximate room sizes in square feet, number of rooms (singles, doubles, triples, etc) and tons of other information. It’s a good draw guide, especially to get an overview of each house (can’t start too early for next year’s draw!)
daily: The Stanford Daily online. From off campus daily.stanford.edu works but www.stanforddaily.com is always available too.
campusmap: A newly-revised campus map, whereby you can search by building name or number (where is Building 550, anyways?). Zooms in and helps you get oriented.
coursework: The classic, the resource for getting all of your e-course materials, checking those pesky midterm scores (just hours after the test ended).
coursework-pilot: Check out the new coursework, still in its pilot version here. It is much spiffier and beyond its nicer user interface it also has some new features such as an easier way for students and teachers to exchange a paper in a “drop box” for drafts and revision. Neat-o! (Note: unless you’re currently in a class which is using the pilot version, you won’t be able to do much in the new one; I’m not sure you can even log in…)
syllabus: A repository of course syllabi. Though it is not too populated right now, the goal will be to alleviate the shopping period at the beginning of each quarter since beforehand one would hopefully be able to check out the syllabus for the course and cross it off your list right then and there!
webmail: The classic. Go check that email during class!


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  1. Siddhartha says:

    Just so you know, it’s like that on for all networks, not just Stanford!


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