Photo Slideshows!

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I love photography. There is something about capturing real life that is so beautiful and exciting to me: a flash frame of life, frozen on film forever.
A while back, I found a photo slideshow from this guy named George Lange. He does portraits and they are amazing. They make you just want to run out with your camera and start snapping away.

George Lange 2006 Photo Flipbook

Inspired, I made my own slideshow. I call mine Stanford Portraits – they are all pictures I took one day in White Plaza earlier this year with some green posterboard. It was a lot of fun: I asked people to do a regular shot and then a silly shot. I love the results.

Stanford Portraits


4 Responses to “Photo Slideshows!”

  1. Galen says:

    omg, i’m in love with the “stanford portraits”

  2. HDR says:

    I like the pace of the video, almost looks like a commercial.

  3. Daniel Hellerman says:

    The pictures of the kids are awesome! Check out my gallery “Through A Childs Eyes” at

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