Planted Palm Tree

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Okay, I know we’re going to get flack for posting about the palm trees (two entries in one day!). I know… lame. But whatev, it makes me happy.
Megan’s post shows the palm trees being trucked over to Old Union. So I wanted to show you a picture of one newly-planted. Here you go:
Okay, I know, “shut up about the palm trees already!” But does it occur to anyone else besides me that when the palm trees are first planted like this, they look sort of like troll dolls? I mean, seriously.
(Oh my gosh, I’m going to get so much flack.)


5 Responses to “Planted Palm Tree”

  1. Min says:

    LOL. thanks, that made my morning.

  2. Megan says:

    does this mean we can dress them up and play with their hair soon?

  3. evilbunnytoo says:

    I hope that they remember to take off the bindings that create the “troll hair” look or we’re going to have more dead palm tree to be replaced like we did when they renovated about 5 years ago.

  4. masaru says:

    you’re definitely not alone on this. they had palm trees just like this at town and country last weekend when we left for yosemite. people in my car said the exact same thing.

  5. Alexis says:

    ROFL. I think they should keep it that way. It’s definitely more entertaining.


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