Santa Clara DA refusing to prosecute rape?

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A 17 year old was allegedly gang-raped at a college party while drunk. Several female witnesses broke down a door to intervened, rescue her, and get her medical attention. The Santa Clara DA, however, states that there is insufficient evidence to prosecute her alleged attackers (not even for statutory rape).
I need a better answer than “insufficient evidence” – if the DA can’t truly prosecute this case he needs to explain what exactly is insufficient about the evidence.
I’m sick and disgusted!
It is interesting that it was three female soccer players who felt empowered enough and felt that they had a duty to stand up for the poor girl. No one else intervened.
If people need something to protest – take this on, it’s a cause much more salient to women’s rights in this county than the public safety patrolled exotic erotic


One Response to “Santa Clara DA refusing to prosecute rape?”

  1. Alice says:

    Another interesting thing– the DA isn’t a “he.”
    And I voted for her. Boy am I regretting that.


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