Segments from the Stanford Current 5-14-07

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Below are segments from the campus radio news show, the Stanford Current, from the 5/14 broadcast on KZSU 90.1 FM.
Included in the segments is “Your World This Week,” headlines from the Stanford bubble and beyond.
Following that is an interview with Josh Wolf, who recently spent 226 days in federal prison for refusing to comply with a subpoena for his unpublished footage of a demonstration. He’ll discuss his experience and the need for a federal shield law.
And then there’s Question of the Week with Alyssa Battistoni, where we ask Stanford students a question of campus interest. This week’s question: Is the ASSU dividing into political parties, and does it matter?
And lastly, Assistant News Director Micah Cratty reports on a town hall-style debate and discussion on the issue of troop withdrawal from Iraq that took place last week.
You can listen to the entire broadcast here.



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