Stanford students find innovative solutions for Global Giving

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A few weeks back, I wrote about two students, Madalina Seghete and Tyler G. Hicks-Wright, two members of a team involved in creating an eBay Firefox toolbar. Well guess what, they landed themselves on Slashdot and got eBay’s COO talking (see article).
While they’re still iterating and improving their Firefox project, the class, CIA-KGB has kicked into high gear with a final project for Global Giving.
Global Giving is a non-profit organization that allows individuals or companies to pick and fundraise for “high-impact, grassroots social and economic projects around the world.”
Why is CIA-KGB involved? Because they can make Global Giving better. For example, once an individual donates, there is no feedback loop to see who else has donated and which part of the world people are donating from.
“We’re helping Global Giving increase their donations and the number of people who donate by giving passonate people tools to spread the word about the projects they care about,” says Tyler.
Mada and Tyler’s team has created a wonderful website, Global Giving CHAMPIONS, that’s oriented around the idea of Global Giving leadership. They realize that in order to gain momentum for raising money for these projects, there has to be leaders who can get others excited. Tyler says, “It gives people a place for their project where they can inform others about their project, show progress towards their goals, and give recognition to the people who have helped them.”
Well, I’m convinced. Since I started my championing (less than 24 hours ago), I’ve gotten mobility from others (it shows up on my page), and I am aware of the people who are impacting this project already. It’s a motivating experience because it allows leaders to see that their influence has impact. And it allows leaders to form a tight group of individuals who are aligned behind a project. The feedback is instant, the community is tight, and mobility is gained. What a wonderful aspect for Global Giving.
Well, why wait? Start now by becoming a champion. Or if you like mine, on helping 20 highland off-grid Peruvian communities get cool community-based electricity systems, help me out! Your name will appear 15 minutes after you donate. :)


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