The Draw and Such

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I guess I’ve just been really lucky with the Draw. My sophomore year I drew 340 and went to Suites with 3 other guys. One guy really wanted to live in Suites and so the rest of us went with him, though we could have gotten in somewhere on the Row. It was a lot of fun though.
Then last year, my roomate and I drew 2700 but we got Priority at Potter so we ended up with a two-room double. Nice for unpreferred.
Now we’ve got two more guys and we can choose from any non-frat place on campus. Pretty awesome. We’re thinking either Bob, 680, Xanadu or Jerry. The other guys in the draw group either are sure they want to live in Narjana or don’t care as long as its on the Row.
Ahhh, having no draw worries is good….


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  1. christian says:

    haha and i thought my 440 was good…damnnnnn


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