The Imposter Controversy: A Look at the Reaction

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So everyone and their mother now know about the Stanford Imposter and the crazy ridiculous situation that has transpired at Stanford. Well, except my mother that is, I didn’t tell her because she would start freaking out about my safety, a fruitless exercise of stress. Anyways, the Daily article is an impressive piece of investigative journalism and of course the Stanford administraton has little to say about the matter.
I find that there has been a wide range of reactions to the story. Most people are just shocked that this could happen and I’m sure it has started at least 20% of all conversations among Stanford undergrads today. The story was even listed on Reddit, a widely used social bookmarking site. There are already 4 Facebook groups: including “I want Azia Kim as my roommate” and “Let Azia Stay”.
The comments on the Daily article though, are the MOST intriguing.

Because they are all over the map. Of course there are those who say she is crazy, she has mental problems, that she needs counseling/therapy and needs to work out her issues. Most people agree that she should leave, that she deserves some kind of punishment for living here illegally and lying to everyone who knew her.
Several people who claim to know her have defended her, one saying he can “definitely understand the pressure she’s felt because I came from the same high-stress high school … I can empathize with those who are afraid of the security-related implications, but she hasn’t hurt anyone”. Others ask why it was so wrong for her to want to study at Stanford and how we should respect her desire to further her education. But methinks if that was her desire, she definitely could have done it in a more legitimate way.
Then there are those who use the incident to attack Stanford itself. Some call the incident a failure by Residential Education. Other commenters say the incident “proves the fact that Stanford (ivy league) kids are all rich arrogant idiots who care about nothing but themselves.” but a lot more comments by Stanford students denying that they were rich or arrogant – pointing out that most people are on some financial aid, etc. Sounds like this is a sore point for us.
Then there are people who think the whole thing is a hoax. That there are no other papers in the area covering the story makes some “sorta suspect that all the people who’ve posted here with their “I knew her” stories are actually Chappie staffers who are laughing gleefully”. Who knows, they could be right. *Edit – SFChronicle now as a story. That would have been the best prank the Chapperel has ever pulled, except that some think “there’s no way the Chappie could have written this. It’s actually funny.” Ouch.
Finally, I have to point out some random comments about people pretending to post as Azia and proposing some ridiculous course of action including “selling my story to a major Hollywood studio for 1 million dollars. It will star Linsay Lohan as a disturbed girl from a rich family…”, that Azia was “responsible for the two Nobel Prizes won by Drs. Fire and Kornberg this year, but in exchange for their claiming credit she was allowed to live on campus for free” and other tall tales.
All in all, a wide range of reactions, some flippant, many not pertaining at all to the actual situation, but still, many people care a lot about this issue. I think that especially with high-profile events like this, it’s very interesting to see how people react to what happens.
Personally I think that she ought to leave, but still I sympathize with her wanting to come here and experience Stanford firsthand, and I’m also really impressed with her resourcefulness and ingenuity. Deception is bad, but I think she had a good intent. It certainly makes for a good story. I’m very interested to see how this all unfolds…


3 Responses to “The Imposter Controversy: A Look at the Reaction”

  1. Good Topics of Conversation says:

    This controversy may have been one of the good topics of conversation. But sometimes it could lead to gossips that may cause misleading information to the case. Worse is if people would judge her whole because of the stories that may circulate about her.
    Things like this could be a good topic of conversation. Information about the case may be shared but different conclusions are being made about it which may already be harmful to the girl. Even just in conversations, people must still give respect to others especially with the subject of conversation.
    In conversations, information could be passed and conclusions could be made. Listening skills are important in this aspect so that each person could understand one another and that information will remain intact and not altered when passed.

  2. Funny Conversation Starters says:

    This issue could have been used as one Funny Conversation Starters. Some may not understand what the girl has gotten through. This is not something to be laughed of.
    People might take caution in talking about this issue and not to be judgmental as much as possible. There could be lots of Funny Conversation Starters but not this one. People should at least respect the girl. She could have reasons.

  3. Evaine says:

    Yes. What the girl did was wrong though her story was very sympathizing. All the judgment and condemnation she received from mean people could have had a very negative effect on her.
    The sedona method could help her gain emotional wellness that could give her more strength and positive outlook in life despite what happened to her.


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