the things that make you go hmm……

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I found this – Terra-cycle sued by Scotts for trademark infringementvia the consumerist
I’m still figuring out how something that bills itself as “worm-poop” will be confused for miraclegro
I think that one of the best things about the American legal system is that it is accessible – anyone can sue anyone. This means that if I have a grievance against someone, and I can’t get them to respond, I have a form of redress. When people talk about “reforming the legal system in the U.S. because its so messed up” and bring up “bogus lawsuits” [many of which are dismissed or wrongly characterized as frivolous in media descriptions] I worry that if we cut off access to the legal system for normal citizens, we will end up with the legal system being used as a bludgeoning tool by massive corporations [like it seems this lawsuit is an example of]. We already have cost as a barrier to the legal system, and I worry that some of the “reforms” being floated around will mean that individuals will have little recourse when they are wronged by large corporations [such as defective products or other negligence].
anyways – something I worry about and an issue that I think there is a lot of disinformation about


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  1. Terracycle says:

    hey guys check out this great story the BBC World News did about TerraCycle and their current lawsuit with Scott’s


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