This Week In Cynicism

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According to The Stanford Dems Poll everyone loves Obama, except perhaps me and one or two others. (Note: I happily consider myself a Stanford Dem.) But I’m not impressed. For that matter, I’m not as impressed with any of the presumed front runners as I am with some of the ignored candidates. Perhaps that makes me cynical. Who knows. But if you’re like me and are tired of hearing only about the top three candidates, C-E-O, then you should check out Bill Richardson’s new YouTube video:

Part of me posted this because I’m actually enjoying my political pariah status, but also because this ad is humorous in a way I enjoy. As one commenter at Political Animal asks, “(Maybe in our political system, experience is a bad thing?)” This ad implicitly asks that question. Incidentally, I proposed a series of similar ads months ago to a presidential candidate who has yet to declare. Alas, I’m too late.


One Response to “This Week In Cynicism”

  1. Galen says:

    those are fantastic ads. and i agree about obama… i’m still waiting to hear something from him that i haven’t already heard before.


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