UMass, Protests, and War

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I recently caught wind of an interesting story at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. As part of the school’s advanced degree graduation procedings, the administration chose to give an honorary doctorate in public service to Andrew Card, President Bush’s former Chief of Staff (2000-2006). This decision was not received well by many at the school, resulting in student protests and an online petition with well over 1000 signatures, including 200+ faculty members. Nevertheless, the university still presented the degree, and the video below shows the response.

Now, I have seen my fair share of protests. I mean, if you live in California long enough, you will. I honestly can’t say I’ve been much of a fan of protests in the past. Still, I was struck by the proceedings at UMass. I’m not quite sure what it is, though. Perhaps it’s the striking unanimity with which people progressed, one faculty member after another with anti-Card signs. Perhaps it’s the anger I sensed in the crowd’s boos and catcalls. Maybe, instead, it’s the realization that we are in a new wave of activism in our generation.
While Generation Y was long decried for its apathy, we seem more willing to recognize and fight injustice. In a time where thousands of Americans have died fighting a war based on unsubstantiated claims, it’s only fitting that we would be more conscious. On our campus alone, protests are becoming more extreme, more poignant, and more frequent. And, I’ve taken notice and find myself more sympathetic now. So, to those who protest: keep fighting the good fight, and you might just see me there one day.


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