Wes Clark and American Legitimacy

Posted by at 11:01AM

Wes Clark (whom I support for President even though he’s not an official candidate) will be giving a lecture on campus today at 7:30 in Room 200 of the Hewlett Teaching Center. I don’t know exactly what he’ll be talking about today specifically, but he has been discussing for many years now about ways the US should be working internationally to build its legitimacy.
I was able to meet Wes Clark earlier this year and can say he’s very knowledgeable in a variety of areas: he’s edited books on military history and taught economics at West Point. He’s also quite engaging. It will be worth attending if you want a more thorough discussion than we’re getting from the current crop of presidential candidates.
I should also point out that, back in December of 2003, Stanford hosted John Kerry while he was trailing most of the Democratic candidates and then Kerry went on to win the nomination. I always tell people that it was his appearance at Stanford which launched Kerry to the Democratic nomination. We might see the same with Wes Clark.



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