What’s New In The School of Medicine?

Posted by at 5:36PM

If you’ve ventured to “the other side” of Campus Drive to the Med School (SoM), you’ve probably noticed some construction going on. The SoM is working on a little something called The Learning and Knowledge Center, or LKC. The vision of the LKC, according to the website, is to be “A New Model of Medical Education for a New Era in Medicine”.
Several years ago I was involved in focus groups and committees to discuss how the LKC (which at the time was called “SMILE”) could and should impact graduate students in the medical sciences. It’s actually been rather exciting to see this endeavor progress from a vague concept to an actual design plan. If you want to see what medical education and research in the future is going to look like, make sure to check out the LKC. It’s really cool! (The image above is a picture of what the area currently occupied by the Fairchild Buildings on Campus Drive–the two buildings between Beckman Center and the Clark Center–will look like in several years.)



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