Where will you buy/sell your stuff?

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I know this is a little early, but recently, I’ve been thinking about how many different avenues exist for selling/buying stuff at Stanford. I wanted to run down the options students have.

Facebook Marketplace

Come take a look….

The big bad wolf. Craigslist has been around for a while and it’s the first stop for many Stanford students.
Pros – Lots of stuff to buy and sell
Con – Sellers/Buyers can be far away so you need a cars
The oncampus version of Craigslist, SUPost seems to be doing fairly well since launching last year with a massive advertising campaign (SUPost. Sell your stuff)
Pro – Everyone is on campus so getting to people is not as hard
Con – less selection compared to craigslist.
I’ve been seeing a lot of facebook flyers for ULoop, and it seems like they are trying to hit a lot of campuses at once. The only problem is that its hard to get saturation when you’re casting your nets so widely.
Cons – There seems to be no one from Stanford on it
– You have to register to post something
This is very new, I just noticed it a few days ago on my sidebar.
Pros – Easy to use, convienient
Cons – less people using it, (but that could change)
Techtain is also pretty new – I’ve been seeing flyers around my dorm this quarter. I fail to understand why people try to do the invitation-only groups. It just makes barrier to entry that much harder and limits the selection for peple who are in.
Pros – “trusted membership”
Cons – You’re not part of that membership
I’m sticking with SUPost for now, but keeping my eye out for Facebook Marketplace to hedge my bets.
Tell me your thoughts!


3 Responses to “Where will you buy/sell your stuff?”

  1. Westwood California College Student says:

    I know i’m not one of your students but the first place I go as a student to buy items or find free items is craig’s list. It’s easy and simple only problem is that you might get your money stolen because you can only rely on the other person’s word. The posting of garage sales work out also. I bought a leather chair with wooden handles for 20 bucks and a normal computer chair with no handles that you see in computer labs for a dollar. You can’t beat craig’s list for the sales. But the personals suck on craig’s list.

  2. Dave says:

    Hey, you forgot College Ad Board.com
    It’s a new site that just started, but I already bought a used textbook at my school and saved over $100! check it out

  3. Csongor says:

    It would be extremely helpful if you would also provide URLS to all the Web sites that you mention in this blog entry!


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