Al Gore Third in the Polls (Crazy)

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The Washington Post has the fix on the debates last night. I agree with them that Clinton is emerging from these debates as the most impressive among the field. She’s also the clear leader in the latest polls on the Democratic side, with 42% compared to Obama’s 27% and Edwards’ 11%.
But get this, folks: When you add non-candidate Gore into the mix, he places third with 17%, and takes a 7-point chunk out of Hillary. Obama falls to 23% and Edwards to a paltry 8%. Furthermore, Al Gore wins on intensity. Sixty percent of his supporters do so “strongly,” compared to 53% for Hillary and a continually-softening 43% for Obama. Crazy.
Here he is on the Daily show, in case you missed it (from two Thursdays ago):

Part 2 here.


2 Responses to “Al Gore Third in the Polls (Crazy)”

  1. tom says:

    Go to and sign the petition.

  2. Alex says:

    I don’t see what was so impressive about her performance. She certainly held her own and came off sounding better than usual, but I think most people are letting her greatly improved *appearance* affect their opinion. Biden was a standout with his very genuine and knowledgeable approach, and Obama sounded great as usual, especially when he layed the smack down on Edwards.


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