Challenge Me in Roshambo; Help Me Procrastinate

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Everyone, I presume, is familiar with Facebook‘s new “apps.”
For example, Graffiti, written by two Stanford undergrads, Joachim and Alex, ingeniously allows you to write on your friends’ wall more creatively (i.e. without text).
While many apps seem to have been written by individuals (no official numbers from Facebook), a number are also from companies. One of my favorites, for pure amusement factor, is the Red Bull Roshambull (Roshambo, or Rocks-Paper-Scissors).
It’s amazing. I get distracted from my work (always a plus), and they get their name thrown around and traffic on their site.
I mean, look at the Alexa graph of the otherwise unsavory url (which redirects to the Facebook app’s about page):
Regardless of their exponentially-growing curve, challenge me and let’s see who’s got what it takes!


One Response to “Challenge Me in Roshambo; Help Me Procrastinate”

  1. Shortshire says:

    I beat my friend at Roshambull last week. I think i’ll challenge you later tonight and we’ll see how I do. Time for me to say I challenge you to a duel.


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