Eco-Friendly Cleaning Part II – in which I start to wash my hair with baking soda

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Inspired by my friend D who intends to stop using shampoo as soon as she runs out, no Impact Man, and a variety of other sites I am attempting to go shampoo-less and to wash my hair with a baking soda solution and vinegar rinse. Today was day 1, I’ll let you know what happens after week II. If I make it that far
However, I do have reviews of using vinegar and baking soda to clean the oven, help with the dishes, and clean the toilet.

1. Cleaning the oven –
Several sites suggested cleaning the oven using baking soda. I made a baking soda and salt paste, kept it moist during the day by spraying it with water, and left it in the oven overnight. It did get a lot of gunk out of the bottom of the oven, however, getting all of the baking powder out of the oven was like getting sand out of the carpet of your car – it took a while. I had to wipe down the oven multiple times
Adding baking soda to the sponge and scrubbing down the racks also helped get the build-up of gunk off the oven racks as well.
2. Cleaning fried, dried, gunk off of pots and pans
I’ve found that either spraying down a pot with vinegar or using baking soda on a metal pan (not on a non-stick pan though) helps to make washing the dishes go faster.
3. the toilet
spraying down the toilet lid, ring, and outside the bowl with a vinegar solution has really helped me keep the toilet disinfected.
I’ve also tried spraying down the toilet with hydrogen peroxide and then with vinegar (creates a weak acid which helps boost the disinfectant power) and quickly wiping it up. This worked as well. (again, do not mix these two together in a container keep them seperate). If you have hydrogen peroxide (3%) in a clear spray bottle, keep the bottle in a closet as h2o2 needs to be kept out of the light.
Trying to clean the inside of the toilet with vinegar didn’t really work. Though I suspect if I had let the vinegar sit for a while it would have done the trick, but I could only stand the smell of vinegar so long. Baking soda did help to clean the inside though.


4 Responses to “Eco-Friendly Cleaning Part II – in which I start to wash my hair with baking soda”

  1. iver says:

    Great blog! A friend gave this tip on removing the stain on carpet: combine 2 tablespoons detergent, 3 tablespoons vinegar, and one quart warm water. Work into stain and blot dry. After that cover the spot with a clean towel or paper towels. When the towel becomes damp, replace it with a dry one. I tried on my gmc carpet kits and it works. So I hope this would help.. 😉

  2. StreetMagic says:

    Actually, I use vinegar and water for almost all my cleaning needs. Vinegar, water, and alcohol can be combined to create magic. Vinegar, water, and a small amount of dishwashing liquid can be combined to create a natural insect killer and keep chewing insects off your garden plants.

  3. vera says:

    If someone had told me i could use baking soda and vinegar for hair, I would have screamed! To think I an also make natural insect killers from the products with a little tweaking. Thanks StreetMagic for that tip, I hope this is still applicable now considering this was in 2007, but hey, science evloves right?
    Thanks Iver for the tips on carpet cleaning, I will experiment on that today.
    In all, this has been a very helpful post.


  4. Jerry says:

    We are a big fan of Vinegar as a cheap cleaning solution. If you don’t like the smell of regular vinegar use apple vinegar. Nothing like cleaning a toilet and having it smell like a salad after =)

    You can use apple vinegar and a cup with seran wrap over the mouth with a few small poked holes in the seran wrap to catch fruit flies. More than one use for vinegar =)

    More information on our blog.



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