I don’t want to start any desperate rumors….

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and now some interesting gossip I found on the net

  • The MacArthur Foundataion has given USC a $550,000 grant to examine the role that online communities (such as second life) play in real-world activism (from Chronicle of Higher Education) [should SU be doint this research and getting this grant? We are known for our link to technology.]
  • Changes in patent law sought by universities incorporated into Senate bill S 1145. “Universities are.. trying to narrow the right to challenge a patent after it is issued.”
    (via Chronicle of Higher Education) [this is dangerous stuff guys, I already think our patent system is overwhelmed, riddled with problems, and allows for patenting of ideas and products (such as tax law strategies) which should never be allowed to become propriatary )]

  • US is highest non-payer of parking fines in England with £1.5m in outstanding congestion charge payments (U.S. argues that it is exempt from congestion charge). London Mayer calls U.S. Ambassador a “venal little crook.” [how come us Americans never bandy about such witty and eloquent put downs]
  • When taking a polygraph test Real Questions stress out the guilty while Control Questions stress out the innocent (H. Offe and S. Offe (2007). The Comparison Question Test: Does It Work and If So How? Law and Human Behavior 31(3): 291-303 via the Deception Blog ).
  • Emotive Systems is working on bringing Nuerotainment to you via Project Epoc’s new human computer interface for “Emotiv-inspired game-play” NeuroSky is also trying to tap into this emerging market [I have visions of Blade Runner and Jonny Johnny Mnemonic dancing in my head]

I’m off to kill my husband (metaphorically speaking) because this is the 5th time he’s hit the alarm button this morning.
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