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During my recent trip home, I extended an offer to my parents that I would like to extend to the Stanford community at large (and whoever else happens to be reading this blog). Please take a moment, write down five burning questions you have about China, and include them here in a comment. Broad questions, specific questions, I’m open to them all. While I can’t promise that I’ll be able to address each of them, or that I’ll be able to provide satisfying answers to those I do address, at the very least it will open up an energetic, transoceanic conversation. Fire when ready!
Thomas S. Mullaney
Assistant Professor of Modern Chinese History
Stanford University


5 Responses to “Need anything while I’m up?”

  1. Shari says:

    While I was trying to think of my five burning questions, I realize how little I know about China. So my first question is “What are the five most important things you thing everyone needs to know about China?”

  2. Stuart says:

    Okay, my questions are as follows.
    1. Will China be a revisionist or system-sustaining power?
    2. What percentage of China really is “Han”?
    3. Will the Chinese ever be able to let go of Taiwan?
    4. Will China ever be able to solve the floating populations problem?
    5. Can and should the US promote democracy in China?

  3. christian says:

    I have but one question. It has been burning in my heart for some time now, and please note that when I ask it, I do so with the utmost seriousness. My question, then, is where can I find the best Beijing Cao Ya in China? It is not bad in Beijing (unsurprisingly) but perhaps on your travels you will have a transcendental duck experience in some remote province. Pleae enlighten me.

  4. jen says:

    i’m on board with comment-creator number one.
    i do have one more, though: what was nature of the relationship between china and the united states during the cold war? did the u.s. play rough with them as well, being that they are/were also communist? if there were not any hostile interractions (or merely a handful), what were the reasons for letting them be? my (unsubstantiated) assumptions would include reasons related their economic strength and number of folks residing there.
    thanks again for all of your help. so very helpful and enjoyable.
    safe travels!

  5. Erika says:

    Can you find any medicinal rhubarb in the pharmacies over there?
    Is it still a go-to laxative?


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