On User Reviews:

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“To listen to the raves, Fred’s Coffee Shop serves a mean weekend breakfast. The omelets at this little joint just a skip across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco are said to be “fluffy beyond belief,” the bacon “thicker” and “tastier” than at anyplace else, and the French toast — oh, the French toast, cooked up soft and then deep-fried and slathered in sugar — will help you find Jesus. Fred’s, according to reviews posted on the popular local-ratings site Yelp, makes the best breakfast in Sausalito. Thirty-eight reviewers give it an average score of 4.5 stars — a number that really stuck in my craw as I gulped down limp slabs of two-star French toast, sipped at one-star coffee, and took in the ordinary two-star ambience.”
This post, by Salon.com’s Farhad Manjoo, is a really interesting rumination on user reviews on Amazon.com, etc. I’ve long since taken user reviews with a grain of salt after the John Lott incident
That being said, I think user reviews and blogs really encompass the true value of the internet. Obviously Google’s aggregation of information is tremendously useful, but what user reviews and blogs do is synthesize and analyze said information. Our problem, these days, is not how much information we have, but what we do with it.



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