Pirate’s Booty snack eaters beware

Posted by at 11:23AM

Everyone I know loves the Booty snacks. Well, not everyone I know, but enough people find the powder covered popcorn marketed by Rober’s American Gourmet a delicious treat and fun to eat. I’ve always found the Booty snack line to be dry and powdery and the name to be, well, unfortunate. The first product – Pirate’s Booty made sense, but veggie booty, fruit booty, and the inevitable moniker of “booty snack” well that nickname is just wrong.
Anways for you booty…snack…lovers out there – beware the FDA has issued a warning to consumers not to eat Veggie Booty snack due to possible contamination with Salmonella Wandsworth. The 52 illness that have been the result of the contaminated veggie booty have occured in children under 10, but better safe than sorry.
I can’t understand the allure of veggie booty — it’s popcorn covered in green powder but it’s popular enough on campus that jamba juice stocks it and always seems on the verge of running out.
All of you booty…snack…lovers out there – what’s the allure? Is it the powdered covered hands, the insipid taste, or the calorie cutting heath (?) consciuosness of the stuff that draws you in?



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