Political Update: Newsweek and the YouTube Debates

Posted by at 12:30PM

I haven’t been out in the world for a few weeks due to finals and papers and such. But I just now saw that last week, Newsweek declared the Bush Administration officially dead:
Read Fareed Zakaria’s fantastic piece on how we can restore America’s place in the world. Really, if you haven’t read it, go click on the link and read it. It’ll make you sad, but also hopefully it will make you feel like we can do better.
…and then tune in to the next Democratic debate to help determine who will get to clean up Bush’s mess. This one’s unique because it is co-sponsored by YouTube and CNN, meaning that all of the questions asked will come from YouTube user video submissions. The New York Times has the latest on why this could be huge. I would say it might be entertaining, but I can’t picture CNN letting anything truly unpredictable happen. We shall see.



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