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It’s a common misconception that Stanford shuts down for the summer when students leave, professors do field research, and everyone forgets about college for three months while pursuing their i-banking internships.
This is completely untrue. I went home for a week, and returned to find that the campus was just as active as it was during Spring Quarter. It’s true that most people now on campus are not Stanford students, but Stanford is surprisingly alive. First, there are Stanford students themselves, clustered on the far edge of East Campus, mostly in Summer Research College (SRC, in Manzanita), Mirrelees, and Wilbur. Second, a lot of professors are still here, doing research and preparing for class.
But third, and most impressively, is the number of camps going on. Just riding to Tresidder, I saw huge packs of 12-year-old girls in soccer cleats and shin guards, tall, skinny boys with basketballs, and a sign for “Swim Camp.” And there’s also High School Summer College in Lagunita, Junior Statesmen Summer School in Governor’s Corner (proud ’03 alum!) and the Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) spread out all over campus. And these are just the camps and summer programs that I know about. There must be dozens of others over the course of the summer.
I also suspect that Stanford is profiting nicely from each camp. For programs like EPGY and Junior Statesmen Summer School, just holding the program at Stanford adds cache and prestige. And High School Summer College means that high schoolers pay for Stanford classes, at around $4k a pop. It makes sense economically–no one really lives in Stern, Branner, Flomo, etc. over the summer, and they might as well rent out the dorms to outside programs who will gladly pay for the privilege. And then students get to experience a taste of the Stanford life. There may be no Band Runs, but they can fountain hop (as I saw a bunch of students doing today in front of MemAud).
And I, for one, am glad to see that things aren’t desolate over the summer.


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  1. sarah says:

    There’s also debate camp (SNFI), science camps of all varieties, Super Camp, CTY, and various tutoring programs. It’s madness I say, madness!


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