Stanford’s TECC Insitutes launch this summer (Stanford Spotlight)

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Every summer Technology Education Cross-Cultures (TECC) launches summer institutes all over China — Each institute places teams of US and Chinese college students in rural areas to teach english and technology. TECC was started a couple years ago by Stanford Students in an effort to close the widening economic divide between rural communities and urban cities in China. Here’s a clip from the Shaanxi institute last year.

TECC was an incredible experience. The students and teachers were incredibly welcoming and eager to learn. Most people had never met foreigners before and were intrigued about everything. We stayed in a small hotel nearby and the school was a five minute walk away. The Stanford team consisted of 6 of us, and we worked with students from Shanghai and Hong Kong to create curriculum. We taught from 8am to 10pm some days, but teaching went fast. At night we gave powerpoints to the students about topics like Music in the US (their first taste of hip hop…). The insitutes are two and a half weeks each and spread out over all different provinces including Gansu, Anhui, and Shaanxi. Even now, I still correspond with the students I met–I highly recommend this to students looking to experience China and engage with the culture.
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