What a DUMB Plan

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I got news of a highly dumb plan from Stanford Football via my e-mail. Apparently, they’re limiting student section seating to 3,000 for Big Game and making eligibility for one of those tickets contingent on attendance.
Now, if I might be permitted to vent a bit: what a retarded, retarded plan. Who thought of this? “Hmm…well, we had attendance problems for our highly bad team last year in our new stadium. With all evidence pointing towards an equally dismal season, the clear move is to make it harder for people to go to our most popular game.” Why antagonize people like this? And why would you screw over the rest of your non-student season ticket holders by separating the Notre Dame and Cal games from the rest of the package? Shouldn’t you be conciliatory and trying to make the experience better? It’s not as if you’re USC or Notre Dame or Florida here, where people will line up for tix. How many people, instead of going to Big Game, just say, “Whatever. Not worth the effort.” Genius plan from the suits in marketing…
ADDENDUM: Some might claim that the purpose of this plan is to keep Cal fans out (as there isn’t enough room in Stanford Stadium for all the Cal fans who want to come). If so, that’s not a smart move, seeing as it excludes actual students. Just make getting a student ticket contingent on a student ID if so.
Email posted below.

Show Your Loyalty and Guarantee Your Big Game Ticket!
Red Zone members this year will receive ONE (1) Cardinal Loyalty point for each home game they attend with their SUID.
Sign up for the Red Zone before July 15, 2007 and you will automatically receive ONE (1) Cardinal Loyalty point.*
Red Zone members with the highest point total following the November 24 game versus Notre Dame will qualify for one of the limited 3,000 student seats available for the Big Game.
Don’t wait! Student seating for the Big Game is limited to 3,000.
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Be sure to tell your fellow Stanford students to sign up before July 15, 2007 to ensure they receive a bonus Cardinal Loyalty point.


2 Responses to “What a DUMB Plan”

  1. Christopher Lin says:

    For what it’s worth, here’s a Facebook group about it that may eventually be used for a petition to the administration if enough people join in:

  2. HA_HA_HA says:

    Do 3,000 stanford students even want to see the game? The Cardinal are the Joke of 1A football and the Toilet team of the Pac10.
    No need to see the game:
    Cal 62
    Stanford 13


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