What Do Other Students Think of Your Major?

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A friend forwarded this message to me from the French House chat list and I thought it was funny. As part of their final project in a Science, Technology and Gender class, one group surveyed student perception of certain majors at Stanford.
Some of the descriptions aren’t too interesting, but a couple of them are downright hilarious, especially because these are quotations from students themselves.
Click to find your major and what people think of it!

Aeronautics & Astronautics: Star Wars fans, space camp, geeky, mostly male
Anthropological Sciences: Mostly female and minorities, people looking for their personal histories and explanations, often go into education.
Art & Art History: Upper-class, female, world-travelers, Greek girls.
Asian Languages: Imaginative, world-travelers, undecided path but often a second major for business or engineering students.
Biological Sciences: Science and technology lovers, male and female, experimental approach, pre-med and pre-Ph.D. or looking to profit in Silicon Valley biotech.
Chemical Engineering: Process-driven, mostly male, problem solvers.
Chemistry: Process-driven, creative, slightly male bias.
Civil & Environmental Engineering: Mostly male, construction and creation emphasis.
Classics: Random people who think this will help them later in life.
Communication: Athletes, advertising, human relations oriented.
Comparative Literature/English: Mostly female, often go into education, reflective, passive.
Computer Science: Almost all male, nerdy, computer gamers, lived in SLE freshman year.
Drama: Emotional, exhibitionists, mostly female.
Economics: Profit-driven, Type A, mostly male, investment bankers.
Electrical Engineering: Mostly male, problem solvers, nerdy.
French & Italian: Imaginative, world-travelers, undecided path.
Geological & Environmental Sciences: Male and female, tree-huggers, vegetarians, go camping a lot, live in Synergy.
German Studies: Not many, people who took German in high school.
History: People who like to memorize, analysis-oriented, cause and effect framework.
Human Biology: Mostly female, pre-med, smart/techie girls, fuzzy-ish.
Linguistics: People watchers, like to analyze people and backgrounds, think they’re more specialized than Sociology.
Management Science & Engineering: Business-driven, profit-driven, power-hungry, Type A, looking to make money after school, smart.
Materials Science & Engineering: Process-driven and creative, techie and nerdy.
Mathematics: Mostly male, wild hair, glasses Einstein or Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting.
Mechanical Engineering: Creators, like to build and like to have power over end product, mostly male.
Music: People who like music, play music, and can’t perform.
Philosophy: Mostly male, superiority complex, think too much instead of doing anything.
Physics: Mostly male, nerdy, strange, like to know why random things happen.
Political Science: Pre-law, student government types, male and female, opinionated.
Psychology: Mostly female, easier pre-med major, people who are undecided but don’t want to be sociology.
Religious Studies: Religious people, male and female, go into working at a church.
Science, Technology and Society: People interested in science but not techie, pre-business, go into consulting.
Sociology: People who are social and don’t know what else to study, Greeks, athletes, under-achievers.
Spanish & Portuguese: Often a second major for pre-med students or students interested in working in Spanish-speaking countries.
Statistics: Nerdy, strange, mostly male, loners.


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