Biggest Rip-Off You’ll Forget You Ever Made

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My Rant Against the Student DIS-Advantage Card
To the Class of 2011: Listen up.
To all Classes before: Comiserate with me.
Two years ago, perhaps to the day, I received yet another pack of mail from NSO [New Student Orientation] or FDO [Freshmen Dean’s Office] or some other acronym’ed place on campus. This particular one suggested I buy 2 things. One was a sweatshirt/t-shirt combo from the Stanford Store. I did so, because I wanted to have a cool Stanford hoodie and all of that. (The deal still exists, here). The second was the option to purchase a Student Advantage card. I did this, too, since I figured I would want to have access to the myriad of savings the card brought with it.
The sweatshirt I still have (and wear) but that Student Advantage card was a mistake. Here’s why. I never use it. In fact, now that I think about it, I can’t think of one person who does, or one reason why I should. The thing is, the card offers little– if any– local deals, and the most frequent thing it does is periodically spam you with its latest ripoff, er, “deal.” I know, I know, it looks great– savings from Urban Outfitters or Amtrak– but it’s actually useless.
I don’t know, maybe I’m weird and I’m the only one who stupidly bought one. Or maybe everyone else bought one too and actually uses theirs. (If that is the case, please let me know in the comments section below). All I know is that the damn thing was a waste of money for me.


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  1. Luukas says:

    Also, you get all the same savings from the ISIC card, plus actually useful discounts abroad


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