Goings-On About the Farm

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Your summer-at-Stanford correspondent does not have much to report, as campus has been pretty much dead.
But not quite dead. or maybe undead. Several (!) parties occurred on campus, both at SRC (Manzanita) and Mirrelees. I know, I am amazed too. How these engineers and physicists have time to party, between their lab assignments going late, the three classes they’re taking, and the MCAT’s to study for, is beyond me. But party they do. The proliferation of cheap beer is alarming, and somewhere, somewhere, someone has to be drinking Charles Shaw. Please, people. For me.
Also, in case you didn’t know, grad students play that “angles dangles” drinking game, much like undergraduates do. Your correspondent was terrified of finding a former TA playing a game that seems to be suited for the ages of 5 to 7. Fortunately, none where to be found.
The best part of the weekend, however, was the Chelsea FC versus Club America football game. Despite the determined efforts of a drum-playing, dancing, banner-waving, feet-stomping America-supporting section in the upper row, Chelsea was able to overcome an early goal to win 2-1. Stanford Stadium was maybe 80% full, much to this correspondent’s surprise. ESPN claims that 47k came (stadium capacity is 50k) but that’s not true. The article goes on to contend that “The Club America supporters were out in full force. Huge blue and yellow streamers were strung through the rafters, a constant stream of ticker tape rained down, and the fans barely stopped singing and chanting for a second.” Here‘s also the SF Chronicle’s article.
Your correspondent was rooting for Chelsea FC, of course, and taunted friends supporting the other side with insults like “God Save the Queen!” and “The sun never sets on the British Empire!” Strike a blow for maturity.
This upcoming weekend’s highlight will most likely be the “Summer Jam 2007!!!” It’s an ASSU party, and judging by the rampant successes we all know the Mausoleum Party and Full Moon on the Quad to be, it’s going to be rollicking, good, clean fun. It also clearly merits the three exclamation points. We elected these people, remember.
It appears to be planned by Vice President Mondaire Jones and Senate Chair Priyanka Sharma. So far, 68 confirmed guests, who are all obviously coming because “having fun at Stanford is mandatory!” as the event’s description contends. The Facebook link is here.
I’ll put the over-under on event guests at 100, and their average length of stay to be just 15 minutes, enough to pillage the food table and leave. Those physicists need to eat.
But the real highlight of this upcoming weekend will be the release of HP7, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The Stanford Bookstore is hosting a Harry Potter-themed breakfast on Saturday at 8AM (this may be the only time the entire summer I will willingly get up at 8AM). There’s a Quidditch broom-decorating contest, a costume contest, and more. In other words, it will be a million times better than the ASSU party. Borders in Palo Alto is also having an event, which is described as “An evening of wizardly activities, fantastical games, and stupendous giveaways!” Borders’ events starts at 9:30 on Friday night, with book proliferation (it’s much more dramatic to say that instead of something banal like “distribution”) occurring at midnight.
The Stanford Bookstore’s event description is here (it’s PDF).


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  1. Troy says:

    Oh, also, Walgreen’s on University burned down. We haven’t quite covered it here on the USB but I thought readers might like to know. :?)

  2. Luukas says:

    I lived in SRC last summer. The only reason it is remotely social is that there are non-engineers and non-physicists living there during the summer.

  3. Telugu News says:

    I am big fan of Chelsea.I love watching the games.Hope Chelsea would regain the title.

  4. eran says:

    valla.. to me love chelsea but this season bad 😀

  5. chelsea says:

    : )

  6. macun says:

    höö ?


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