Live (ish) from Greece (Day 2)

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I’ve never been on a cruise. It’s like orientation in your freshman dorm except there’s nowhere to hide.
We just shoved off an hour ago and the wooziness-inducing swaying is making me feel drunk.
Unfortunately, I’m not drunk. Our introduction to the ship’s crew and activities, however, merited at least a couple shots of bourbon. (I’ve never had bourbon. I’m pretty sure it’s what Doris Day drank in That Touch of Mink, though. This has nothing to do with being on a cruise, but I like Doris Day.)

Orientation has been quite musical. Apparently, you can’t be on the crew here unless you can sing. There are two assistant cruise directors. The male is from New Zealand and sang “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” (or another song with sunshine in it but I’m nauseous now so can’t do accuracy). The female sang “Think of Me,” an excerpt from the Broadway revue that will hit the decks in a few nights. Get excited! The cruise director herself then sang “Almost Like Being in Love.”
We heard about the on-board lecture, given by a passenger and a professor at Babalu U. (or something like that) in a mid-Southeastern state (you know…like the Arkansas area).
My mother is telling me I’m nauseous because I’m staring at my computer screen instead of out the window, so now I’m typing while watching the water go by.. Hepofully there ar eno typos. The window, by the way, is rectangular, not round, and yet another promise of the silver screen goes unfulfilled.
We just passed a sailboat. Now I’ll know not to walk around in my underwear.
Up at our launch I met a Stanford alum (Electrical Engineering 1978, but who isn’t?) and his wife and only child. First people I meet and they’re from Stanford—what are the odds? He’s smart—I’ll ask him.
Tomorrow we go to the island of Mykonos. It’s Sunday so everything is closed (the Church is quite strong here), but I’m sure it’ll be lovely and I’ll at least get some wonderful pictures.
P.S. Yes, I know it’s not really Sunday, but it’s no longer really the second day of my trip, which means I already know what happens three days from now in Istanbul and I know there will be more historical and political information starting tomorrow (tune in…)



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