Michael Moore Bitch Slaps CNN

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Before a live interview with Michael Moore on CNN, Wolf Blitzer runs a short video segment claiming that Michael Moore “plays loose with the facts” in his new documentary, Sicko. Boy did that make him angry. Check it out:

For Moore’s online rebuttal of CNN’s claims that he fudges the facts, see here. It’s quite well-cited and shows that CNN isn’t being very honest, either.
By the way, I saw Sicko and loved it — if not for its balanced treatment of the issue, then for being a reality check on the downsides of our system. And as an artistic piece, it’s priceless. I relished the absurdity of the scene where he sails to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba with three ailing 9/11 rescue workers on a little dingy, demanding that the 9/11 heros get “some medical attention, the same kind that Al Qaeda is getting.”
“They don’t want any more than you’re giving the evildoers, just the same.”
Guantanamo Bay being, of course, the only place on American soil that provides free, universal health care.


3 Responses to “Michael Moore Bitch Slaps CNN”

  1. stephen says:

    Just for the sake of argument and keeping this fair and balanced for the students who read this blog:
    It’s from MTW, hardly a “conservative news source” though CNN isn’t either and clearly suck when they try to be FOXNews or CNBC

  2. Galen says:

    Stephen — Thanks, that article is a great counterpoint to Moore’s film. It would be healthy for Moore to admit to some of the downsides of the other system, rather than simply idealize them and dismiss counter-arguments.

  3. huey says:

    cnn’s response:


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