Naming the Old Union Eatery

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Mondaire Jones, our Exec VP, has just distributed a flier asking students to submit ideas for the name of the new Old Union eatery to olduniondining at gmail dot com. I can only imagine, after the results of the contest for naming Tresidder’s cafeteria, that someone will suggest “Union Cubed,” and that the naming committee will think it’s just too cute to resist.
By the way, before we try to name it, how about telling us what’s unique about it? If it’s just another unhealthy Cyber Cafe-esque Stanford Dining attempt, let’s not mince words with the name. “Fatty” or maybe “Freshman 15” will do.
Continue reading for the contest guidelines…

Dear Students,
I was asked at the end of the last meeting to come up with information that could be forwarded to other students to help decided a new name. Here is that info.
“Within the Old Union building there will be a new eatery primarily for students but will also serve staff, faculty and campus guests. There is currently a group of undergrad and grad advisors on the dining portion of the project and together we are in the process of determining a new name. The eatery will be opening in September and we need your help in gathering possible names for this new space.
The eatery (for lack of a better name) is located on the ground floor of the Old Union in the former space of the Bursar. The hours of operation are still being decided but it will be open for lunch, dinner and late night. The menu will include such examples as breakfast served anytime, burgers and fries, hot items such as crepes and chicken tenders, sandwiches, salads, ice cream, coffee, tea and other assorted beverages, pastries and desserts.
The space has mixed styles of seating: single seating at a long counter (approximately 15 seats), booths for groups of 2-6, counter seating by the game room tables, and assorted hard and soft seating throughout the space.
The new name will have a few qualifiers to be considered:
1) It needs to be able to represent students from all cultures, genders, customs, ethnicities, grad and undergrad, etc. It also needs to be clear for staff, faculty and campus visitors to connect with.
2) It must have a positive Stanford connection and possibly a story behind the idea of the name.
3) The name needs to be able to be a food service business brand or identity. It should “fit” with the vision and use of the eatery.
4) It cannot be a current corporate or trademarked name or in use on the campus.
5) It needs to be easily communicated. Please submit your potential names by July 5th, 2007 for consideration. Thank you for your valuable assistance in this process.”
Eric Montell
Senior Associate Director
New Business Development
Stanford Dining
693 Pampas Lane
Stanford, CA 94305
tel. 650.723.0412
fax. 650.725.1507



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