President Obama = Another 4 years of President Bush?

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I know a lot of Stanford liberals support Barack, but I’m afraid a President Obama would be just another President Bush. This is based on reading Barack’s recent article in Foreign Affairs: I urge you, read the **whole** critique of Obama’s Foreign Affairs article by Pierre Tristam– and read the foreign affairs article itself. See if you want another President who believes in American exceptionalism, the need for a larger military, and a continued presence in Iraq at our “facilities” (aka permanent military bases).
I do appreciate his stance on nuclear weapons (ratify the CTBT and ban new weapons technology) but he “leaves the option on the table” to use military force against Iran to prevent a nuclear Iran. This threatening rhetoric does nothing to solve the problems between the US and Iran, and if the US actually destroyed an Iranian nuclear reactor, it would set back the Iranian program for a couple of years at most. More significatly, it would make the United States and our embassies around the world a viable target for the strongest terrorist network in the world: Iranian funded Hezbollah. Attacking Iraq was clearly a mistake, given the quagmire we’re in today, but Iran would be much much worse; we would very likely face immediate retaliation on the scale of another 9/11.
Obama’s reference to global warming and the need for renewable energy is heartening, if not substantive. First, he talks about using Biofuels, which are not a solution at all. He mentions renewable energy, but will there be tax incentives for people to install solar panels on their houses? Or incentives for coal-burning energy plants to shut down to make way for wind farms? Despite the considerable length of the Foreign Affairs article, it is very slim on details, making Barack seem all talk and no direction.
All in all, Obama does not have my vote for the Primary.


3 Responses to “President Obama = Another 4 years of President Bush?”

  1. Professor Snape says:

    I for one am glad to see Senator Obama’s assertive foreign policy displayed in his Foreign Affairs article. I still support Senator Clinton, however, and will continue to do so. I trust both Obama and Clinton with defending democracy and human rights around the globe. Biden too, for that matter. The rest of the field is insane.
    American exceptionalism is exactly what human-rights activists concede when they want the US to intervene in other countries. What right does the US have to violate the principle of state sovereignty?
    If Iran represents a danger to American interests then it must be nullified. It doesn’t yet, and most likely won’t, but all options must remain on the table.
    For all the size of the military, we can barely stage a successful occupation of Iraq. I opposed the war from the beginning but the US military is overstretched as it is, and Iraq isn’t a big country. A bigger military is necessary to fight threats in an uncertain world, and even with Senator Obama’s increase, it will be MUCH SMALLER THAN COLD WAR LEVELS.

  2. Gilbert says:

    You can never take the “military option” off the table. My candidate of choice, Wes Clark, still has that option on the table but he has set up a whole website, to prevent a unilateral, rash war with Iran.
    Obama is last on my list as far as who I’ll support in the primary, but that is not because I think he will be like Bush in anyway. Nor do I think he–or any of the Dems–will be as bad as any of the GOP candidates who try to out testosterone each other and advocate torture more. I think Obama is naive and misguided in his understanding of “Washington” but I don’t think he’s crazy like Bush or any of the GOP candidates.

  3. Rex Hump says:

    While watching the Saturday Debate, Obama was asked his position on Pakistan. When asked how he would deal with it Obama gave a response that was almost identical to what Bush had done with Iraq. Funny how none of the Democrat supporter batted an eye as after all this ‘Obama Policy’ was coming from Obama not Bush therefore its better then Bush right?


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