“The Stanford Party Crew of 2011”

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IvyGate reported on a Facebook group called “THE Princeton ’11 Party Crew,” and specifically, the breathless reporting by one group member of his alcohol-related activities. This member, interestingly, is one Antonio Villaraigosa Jr, who, of course, is the son of the embattled LA mayor, who himself is watching his chances to succeed Arnie just slip right out of his hand. The Princeton Facebook group is here, and IvyGate’s backup of the incriminating wall post is here.
This of course caused Villaraigosa Jr. to delete his posts, and everyone on the Princeton group to freak out. One wall-poster put it at its pithy best: “We got screwed…yay.” I’m not sure why Ivy Leaguers act the way they do, but I noticed further back on the Princeton group wall posts, some Harvard girl was posting that her school was better: “However, Harvard is widely recognized as top dog. While I don’t hold anything personal against any of you, it’s fun to acknowledge the reality that Harvard parties dominate any of your “get togethers.”
And then I also noticed that a Stanford student went ahead and stuck the Cardinal into the inane debate about which campus parties harder: “But you guys sure are ripping them off. Stanford had a ’11 party crew group long before you guys made one. I think the display of envy is apparent. = )” The Princeton and Harvard people agree, in response that “Stanford isn’t worth our time.”
What is amazing about all this is that none of the students have actually attended college.
Yes, they may have partied during their Admitted Students Weekend or whatever (Stanford is alone among top schools in its draconian dry policy), but that hardly means anything when upperclassmen are trying to get clueless high school seniors drunk.
I think it hit the proverbial fan when media-and-gossip-gadfly blog Gawker picked it up, calling it “Fun with Facebook.”

IvyGate then expanded their mocking coverage to similar Facebook groups around the Ivy League, and every college seems to have one.
Stanford, though, has its own group: “The Stanford Party Crew of 2011,” full of everyone’s drinking exploits for the world to see. It’s hard to make sense of the social posturing, but I think it’s fair to say the following things:
(a) Very few of these students, if any, know what a college party is like.
(b) Touting one’s propensity to be an alcoholic and how hard one parties isn’t something that really seems to be in vogue at Stanford, and probably not at other schools. Although it can be fun to spend Wilbur brunch discussing the inebriated exploits of the previous notes, it’s about the exploits, not the alcohol.
(c) Few of these students will party as much as they think they will. IHUM papers and CS 106A programs and so on not only take up a lot of time, but they are tiring. It’s hard to summon up the will to hit the lower row or SAE Thursday through Saturday.
(d) The focus on alcohol is strange. Most frat parties only have beer, and smaller parties, usually won’t bother to actually make drinks more complicated than screwdrivers.
So while we all welcome such ambitious socialites and partiers to campus, they must also remember that whatever they think now about the social scene on campus, it’s guaranteed to change drastically by the end of NSO.


4 Responses to ““The Stanford Party Crew of 2011””

  1. Galen says:

    wow. great entry.

  2. christian says:

    i also think its great to see how the numbers of all of these groups dwindle as school actually starts. i mean, there were all of these “stanford ’08,” “stanford ’09” groups that had hundreds of members and now, as people come to identify themselves on campus by more than the fact that they are ’08 or ’09, that changes. i think the same goes for people saying theyre hardcore partygoers (even if they remain so). an interesting post tho…

  3. john says:

    You wrote the article as though these kids’ antics is anything new. Each entering class seems to have similar things to be excited about. These kids are excited to be coming and need a way to let out that excitement so they choose to do it via facebook. Sure, their perspectives will change within the first few days after bing on campus but it’s summer and they can’t wait to arrive. Give ’em a break. They’ll learn.

  4. K says:

    Good article, but stanfordotr.com *double*-scooped you on it. Check these links:


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