Video Electronica

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Check out this new video from Jack Conte ’06. After graduating from Stanford with a degree in Music, Science, and Technology, Jack turned down admission to USC Film School in hopes of making a living in the indie music scene. He just released a new EP and is about to head out on a West Coast tour. I’ll be posting an interview with him soon, but I thought I’d share this new video he sent me. Pretty cool. Special props for accordion, Jack.


2 Responses to “Video Electronica”

  1. robert says:

    not bad, but pretty much a straight ripoff of lasse gjertsen (search for him on youtube).

  2. Megan says:

    yep, though lasse can’t come close to Jack’s claymation stuff. Very multi-talented man, Jack Conte. One thing I love about Jack is his ingenuity and creativity on mixing electronics with acoustic, especially in his live shows (and super-especially when he beat boxes!). Really amazing to watch a one-man act produce so much high-quality stuff. Be sure to catch him when he is playing in SF on August 1st. Check out his MySpace page


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