What inspires YOU? A tour through the Lively Arts 07-08 Catalog

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I just received the new Lively Arts 07-08 season catalog in the mail the other day. I took it carefully out of it’s envelope, and upon feeling the quality of the paper, I knew something was different.
“What does art tell us about ourselves?
When does collaboration lead to innovation?
What fuels creativity?
Can art inspire change?”

These are just some of the questions listed on the outside cover of the catalog.
In an exciting, bold new way, Lively Arts has completely transformed into not only a “presenter,” but an “engager” in the performing arts, and their materials reflect a celebration of the radical questioning and challenging nature inherent in their 07-08 lineup.
After being blown away by the radical cover design (which is also reflected on their website), I slowly opened the catalog to page one.
The first thing that struck me was their vision for the season, captured in the signature phrase, “What inspires you?” used throughout their materials. In their own words:

“Stanford Lively Arts is engaging in the performing arts in bold and exciting ways. Join us and share the powerful experience of live performance as we explore new ideas, pose questions, and contemplate answers.”

Themes of innovation and engagement run through all the performances scheduled for the next year, and are reflected in the marketing strategy. Outlining a new way of thinking about performances, Lively Arts divides their shows into four thought-provoking categories:

If you are captivated by any one topic, they’ve made it easy for you to find shows that will help you to explore and engage with the performaces.
Personally, after reading the short descriptions of all the performances scheduled, there are only maybe one or two out of ALL 36 shows that I’m not that interested in. Suffice to say, I am COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY by this year’s season, and I am going to try to get to as many shows as possible, because this is a revolution in the performing arts hitting campus in the fall.
Please take the time to read through the upcoming season and support the arts at Stanford!




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