Why All Hope Isn’t Lost for Stanford Football (Just Takes a Little LUCK…)

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Stanford Football fans, do not despair!
Well, you maybe can despair for this season, the 2007 campaign, but by 2008 we should be on our road to recovery, fighting on with “enthusiasm unknown to mankind,” as Head Coach Jim Harbaugh put it.
Why? We’ve just signed one of the hugest recruits in the history of recent Stanford football.
Palo Alto, introducing Andrew Luck (get the post’s title now?), the #6 ranked QB in the nation. He has just verbally committed to Stanford Football.
TheBootleg‘s headline says we’ve “struck gold in Texas.” According to the Houston Chronicle, Luck led the Spartans to a 10-2 record and a trip to the area round of the Division II Class 5A state playoffs last season. He passed for 2,909 yards and 27 touchdowns with only six interceptions while completing 69 percent of his passes. Damn.
According to Scout.com, Luck’s also the top student in his class of 500 and got a 1900/2400 on the SAT, as a sophomore.
It seems like he’s legit, on both the athletic front as well as the academic. The only thing that scares me is that verbal agreements are not binding, meaning Luck can always pull the carpet out from under our and Harbaugh’s feet.
Andrew, buddy, please don’t do that, ok?


3 Responses to “Why All Hope Isn’t Lost for Stanford Football (Just Takes a Little LUCK…)”

  1. ptree says:

    edwards was one of the top qbs in the nation when he was recruited to stanford… don’t count your chickens just yet.

  2. dizzle says:

    Still need a line to block for your QB…

  3. Brian says:

    4 years later, and it looks like you were right. Just took a little luck.


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