Democrats join HRC for intimate chats on LGBT issues

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I thought this was pretty cool: all but two of the 2008 Democratic presidential hopefuls appeared one-by-one at an event hosted by the Human Rights Campaign and televised by Logo to discuss their views on issues affecting the gay community. First of all, it’s cool that these candidates showed up. Even cooler was that, with the exception of Barack Obama (who seemed to be straining), most of the candidates really seemed to embrace the LGBT community, and the discussions came off as candid and intimate. The chat with Mike Gravel and his wholehearted acceptance of homosexuality was a special treat, simply given the generation he hails from.
Also, I hate to sound promotional, but I keep walking away from watching Hillary Clinton talk feeling really impressed and almost reassured by her command of the issues. LGBT issues seem to be no exception, and I found her ability to speak frankly and with empathy on the politics of homosexuality, in short, moving. Check out this scene with Melissa Etheridge:

For more, watch more of the debate, or read the Washington Post’s coverage.


2 Responses to “Democrats join HRC for intimate chats on LGBT issues”

  1. Ross says:

    Mike Gravel for President 2008!

  2. Troy says:

    I probably see eye-to-eye with Gravel in terms of “hot button issues” more than I do with any other candidate, but I’m just not convinced he’d be a good executive. Being president is a lot more than having opinions. Still, he said more here that I agree with than anyone else.
    As for the others: Hillary was the real winner in this “debate.” I have not been a big fan of Hillary in that past mostly because she is too good of a campaigner. I never now when it’s the real her or her campaign team speaking. In this I think she spoke to the issues in an intimate, almost candid way that drew stark contrast to Obama’s more reserved tone. Somehow Obama’s attempt to assert himself as a candidate with experience and wisdom made him seem overly serious and distant. In discussions of human rights (LBGT or otherwise), the clear communication of empathy is vital. Hillary did that, Obama did not.
    My vote’s still out.


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