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To be ever vigilant for spammers.
Earlier this year, the Unofficial Stanford Blog was hit by serial spammers, shamelessly promoting their websites and increasing their search rankings instead of contributing to a healthy conversation. Luckily, the Blog took action and instituted a mechanism to help deter such automated spamming by requiring a commenter to type in a specified letter before submitting.
However, spam still gets through by human spammers and do so in a subtle -and insidious- way. These spammers put links in their names and in their comments, often embedded in what would appear to be a legitimate comment. Though, we bloggers can edit and filter comments, many of us do not always catch the spam that smears our entries.
Here’s an example of a comment (in edit mode) and what to look for:
Notice the link that’s written into the code that has nothing to do with anything. Make sure to edit out all links that seem suspicious. Sometimes spammers will make the link seem relevant to the entry but really are just trying to pimp our their websites.
Also, notice the box on the right hand side labeled URL. Make sure there’s nothing there. Spammers will put their website address there and will turn their name into a link.
In short, please be vigilant and keep spammers from spoiling the intellectually nutritious forum we enjoy


2 Responses to “Just a Reminder…”

  1. Galen says:

    Better yet, if you receive a post that you’re pretty sure is spam, just delete it (or forward it on to blogforstanford at gmail and we’ll delete it). Don’t just remove links on spam comments — delete the whole comment.

  2. Shashank says:

    Why won’t you people just use wordpress and Akismet combination ..Btw which platform are u using .


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