Starting Off the School Year Right at TUSB

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Hello all!
We at The Unofficial Stanford Blog want to welcome you to September 2007 because it marks the beginning of some exciting changes for us. Want to know more? Here we go:
We are so happy to see everybody post to this blog and read it as much as they do. Please continue to do so! As the school year resumes, don’t forget to point your friends toward us as a place for campus discussion unlike any other. For example, who else will be streaming live events on the web (with or posting immediate dialogue on campus events as they happen? Just us at the blog!
If you are a Stanford community member (student or otherwise), we wanted to remind you that positions are still open to help lead the blog — and we welcome your help. If you’re particularly interested in the arts or sports, or if you’re a typepad and/or wordpress expert, please drop us a line (blogforstanford at gmail dot com). We’d love your help in supporting and guiding our blogging community.
Finally, we are moving to a new subdomain (location) on the Stanford Web. Our new address will be starting September 15, and all of our previous content will be coming with us. Along with our new address (update your bookmarks!) we are planning redesigns for parts of the blog. For example, check out our new logo at the top of this post! We will be making newer and better changes as we can, and we are considering a switch from Movable Type to Word Press.
You can always reach us at blogforstanford at gmail dot com and we would love for you to tell us what you think about our new changes.
We will be out in force at the Activities Fair on the first Friday of classes, signing up new bloggers and getting out the word about our group. We can’t wait to see you there.


2 Responses to “Starting Off the School Year Right at TUSB”

  1. lordbmw says:

    No new posts?

  2. cardinalcored says:

    Who funds you guys? Are you completely independent or do contributors receive compensation of some sort? If not, I bet the ASSU might be willing to fund you (although this might compromise your values if you’re super committed to your “unofficial” status). Great idea, guys and keep up the good work!


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