Arctic Tale – A Movie Review

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I don’t watch movies at the theater too often – one because I talk a lot at movies and my friends hate it, and two because I’m cheap and I don’t want to spend the money. But I was home this past weekend and I watched Arctic Tale with my parents and my little sister. It’s a movie from National Geographic , who also did March of the Penguins.
I really liked it. It mainly focuses on the life of two baby girls – a polar bear named Nanu and a walrus named Seela – as they grow up in the cold arctic world up north. The cinematography is amazing – beautiful panning of ice and ocean, lots of closeup shots of the bears and the walruses, and a great deal of underwater filming. The narration is by Queen Latifah, who is a bit funnier than Morgan Freedman, who did March of the Penguins. (PS After reading the wikipedia entry, I’m very impressed with Queen Latifah’s accomplishments and I think a lot of people aren’t giving her enough credit)
This film took over 8 years to film. That is incredible. It seems like it was made right on the tail of March of the Penguins but really this film must have been in production for a looong time. When you watch the movie you constantly thinking – how were they able to follow these families for so long, and tell a coherent story that intertwines the two animals and captures significant points in their lives. My hat is off to the dedicated National Geographic staff for putting such a big project together.

Arctic Tale also emphasizes how important the ice sheets are to the different animals and how the ice sheets have gotten thinner each year. This is of course, a plug to fight anthropogenic climate change. By showing how climate change is affecting these two animals, it can touch people in ways that An Incovenient Truth never could.
Final Recommendation – It’s a good movie with an important message. Go watch it.



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