Do You Know the Soulja Boy Dance?

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I’ve noticed that in general, rap songs that have dance moves associated with them end up being more popular – Lean Back, Pop, Lock and Drop it, 1,2 Step, and others. One of the newest hip-hop dance songs on the scene is Soulja Boy’s – “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”, which returned to the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100.
“Crank That” (wp) has a dance associated with it, some might call it snap music, and a quick youtube search of “Soulja Boy dance” returns 5,400 video results of people demonstrating their version of the dance. I personally know of two athletic teams who have choreographed and performed dances based on the song as well. I’ll leave with you some dance videos, so you’ll be able to bust out the Soulja Boy dance at the next frat party. Cheers.


11 Responses to “Do You Know the Soulja Boy Dance?”

  1. Anthony Sanchez says:

    Personally, it’s an annoying song and dance -it’s come to represent all that has gone with hip hop: cookie-cutter and crappy.

  2. sweet video says:

    what’s up with the prepubescent girls in the matching shorts?

  3. willow says:

    shut up you guys its a good song get over it.
    maybe you just over play it yourself.
    if you think the song is annoying…then you should hear yourselves complain about it…geezz..if you dont like it why are you on this site?

  4. cece says:

    Love the song and the dance but these girls need to sit down. Can We say RHYTHYM…. Oh, guess not!

  5. Calvin says:

    yo, this song is pretty wack. but the biggest problem with it is the mainstream acceptance it’s getting. Do you know what ‘superman that ho’ means? If not, you need to look it up on urban dictionary. it’s about as misogynistic of a song as you’re gonna find, but it’s so popular that even so-called feminists like ellen degeneres are doing the dance.

  6. Sonic says:

    good song – no reason to say bad words.

  7. loulou says:

    I can do better then them gurls

  8. houpla says:

    OMG!!! what was thattt!!! geezzzz dont embarass ur selves by puttin it on youtube!! goddd!!! and please dont sahkee you butt!!!! bleh. and stop laughing! wow, that was a waste of my time.

  9. THE TRUTH! says:

    what the hell are you guys complaining for?
    if you dont like this song
    dont post it on the site
    go and tell someone who cares and gives a shit about your opinion
    coz it is a good song and you guys are just making yourselves look like dickheads for posting bad things on a fan site
    good luck for the dickheads in turning their life around
    and to the people who like this song
    Awesome kids
    BTW i love liz hare
    you will to
    add her on
    she is heaps mad
    but dont chat her up
    coz she is mine!

  10. alex says:

    great song
    hoe is a women(bitch women)
    thats why later it says superman the bitch
    wammy means watch me
    bathing apes are trainers
    rubber bands is like bling

  11. Jamboree in the Hills says:

    Souljah boy is crap. Check out some decent music Jamboree in the Hills Country Music


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