Inside Terrorism Exhibit at Stanford Medical School

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I’m fascinated by the many collections and exhibitions around campus, and this one certainly caught my eye. “Inside Terrorism: The X-Ray Project” just opened at the School of Medicine. This unusual collection features X-rays and CT scans of terrorism victims, compiled from Jerusalem hospitals.
From the press release: “The images pack a powerful message, not through blood and gore, but by their simplicity. One shows the watch worn by a suicide bomber that ended up embedded in the neck of a victim. Another shows hex nuts that ended up in someone’s pelvis.”
The exhibition has a very short run and will be closing on Sept. 14. You can catch it Monday-Friday (7am-7pm) in the lobby of Fairchild Auditorium, Stanford School of Medicine, 291 Campus Drive. There’s also an online version of the exhibition at
What are your favorite little-known exhibits or collections on campus?


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  1. Bill says:

    Brilliant post I found it very interesting, thanks.


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