NYTimes picks up Rumsfeld Hoover Hubbub

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According to the New York Times, people at Stanford are angry about Rummy’s appointment to the Hoover Institution as a Distinguished Visiting Fellow.
Get out.
Protesting profs, including Eric Roberts, Charlotte Fonrobert, and Phil Zimbardo.
From the Times:
Some 2,100 professors, staff members, students and alumni have signed an online petition protesting Mr. Rumsfeld’s appointment, which will involve advising a task force on ideology and terrorism. Faculty members say he should not have been offered the post because of his role in the Bush administration’s prosecution of the Iraq war.
“We view the appointment as fundamentally incompatible with the ethical values of truthfulness, tolerance, disinterested enquiry, respect for national and international laws and care for the opinions, property and lives of others to which Stanford is inalienably committed,” the petition reads.

The university is taking a “free speech” stance on the issue because, you know, it’s not like he’s a war criminal or something. Either way, I think it’s going to be fun to have Rummy on campus. Imagine the creative protests that will come out of this experience. And maybe if we’re nice (you know, if we actually let him walk into his office), he’ll want to talk to us.
I have to admit, I’m kind of curious.


2 Responses to “NYTimes picks up Rumsfeld Hoover Hubbub”

  1. Creighton Peet, Stanford ’79 says:

    Actually, in terms of the false pretenses for war, claims of being above international law, national bullying, and a host of other violations of international norms — Rumsfeld could indeed be considered a war criminal.
    The jury isn’t out — or more accurately hasn’t heard the arguments — on that one yet.
    This is to say nothing of the damage his paranoid view of the world has done to our civil liberties, domestic militarization and spying, and neglect of all but the richest Americans through funnelling of our Treasury into an abyss of war.
    That you call this man “Rummy” on a Stanford blog is nearly as bad as the Hoover Institution calling him “distinguished”.
    Being “cute” about the architect of a war which has cost over one million lives does not serve you or Stanford.

  2. C.B. says:

    As a counter point to Creighton, I have to say before the Hauge asks for his extradition, I think free speech discourse is in everyone’s best interest. Having NO discourse is the hallmark of the Bush Administration. Don’t be dogmatic like the neo-conservatives.
    And what’s wrong with Rummie? I mean its not like you are ‘chummie with Rummie’. Actually, I think he would be very personable.
    Now ‘chummy with Cheney’ thats scary! Sorta like dining with Mephisto.
    Washington DC
    one of them thar evil contractor types


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