OSA, Freshman Dean’s Office Invades Facebook, Does What They Do Best

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Props to my source “Shoes” for this one.
It appears that the freshman planned a capture-the-flag game in the Quad for the night before NSO started. They were remarkably prescient–discussing whether there would be masses of chairs in the Quad, and so on.
The event description, as it stands right now:

Just for whoever’s around on the night of the 17th. Meet up in the middle of the main quad, in front of MemChu (it’s hard to miss; if you get lost call my cell) at around 930pm on the 17th.
And invite other o11ers to come!
***How does everyone feel about playing a massive game of Capture The Flag in the Quad (or in the oval if there are chairs in the quad)? If you guys wanna play, let me know and I’ll bring the stuff.

One kid posted, “stephanie [the planner] told me that the dean’s office told her that it’d be shut down by the cops since it isn’t registered, but that they would help her throw a party during NSO.”
Welcome to the OSA’s Rules and Regulations, froshies. It’s going to be a fun four years. One fellow on the wall suggested a pig roast as a replacement.
Then Jim Kim, who a quick Google search reveals works in the Freshman Dean’s Office, went ahead and posted a comment that serves as the final wall post.

Hi folks.
I wanted to clarify that the call to Stephanie came from me. Know that I’m not looking to quash your fun, nor are my fellow staff members. That said, we’re also not interested in frosh starting NSO with bruised heads, twisted ankles, or severe exhaustion after wandering from the Oval and getting lost all night. We really do care about you. Seriously, we do. Hence, the adjustment in plans.
There have been a few mentions of Stanford Police. They share the goal of keeping you safe, but they’re not the ones who postponed this. I made the call. Hence, if you’re fired up because you’re frustrated by the change of plans, come on in to Sweet Hall to chat with me about it. On the flip side, if you’re fired up to try and plan future events, also come find me.
Props to Stephanie and the other connectors that have emerged. We look forward to helping you find more great ways to bond as a class. Until then, remember that Mark already called jail keeper.

So that means that not only is the Stanford administration invading Facebook in large numbers (and several of my professors are on it already and I am terrified that they will see my painstakingly crafted profile). Does this give the OSA the potential to interdict parties at the Facebook level? Will they post on the wall of Facebook events? This was a freshman-planned event, taken over by the Freshman Dean’s Office after they saw the event on Facebook.
I suggest that non-OSA approved parties (OMG! non-approved parties!? where I can go to those!?) go “secret” from now on.
I also can’t imagine how an event planned by the FDO would look. Would it be as bad as the ASSU parties this summer, or even worse, Full Moon on the Quad/Mausoleum?
Sounds terrible.
Sorry froshies about Capture the Flag! Next time don’t invite so many effin’ people!



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